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Save hours of data input time

Make life simpler with an EPOS run website

We’ve done the maths on this one. When uploading products to a website, a company selling 100 individual products takes around 20 hours of user input time to get them into the system. Our average retailer has around 4000 products that they would like to put online. That’s 800 hours of work or 100 working days of one of your staff members’ time.

We thought that was a bit much, but soon realised that the majority of retailers in modern times have an EPOS system which contains all of their products already. *Light bulb*.

Using our extensive web development knowledge, we work with your EPOS provider to create a website that seamlessly integrates your catalogue into the product sections of your site. This means you can spend those 100 working days relaxing, enjoying some time at home or perhaps even selling more products and saving yourself from pulling your hair out in the process.

Got an EPOS system and want us to help? Get in touch today to find out how we can get you up and running!

EPOS Case Study

Magnum Furniture & ZigZag Systems

We worked with Magnum Furniture to create a new website using their ZigZag EPOS system. With an already full catalogue in ZigZag, we knew we could get them live and ready to launch in just a few weeks.

With a quick integration using a system our developers are familiar with, Magnum’s new site was up and running on time, ready for their customers to browse extensively before even stepping foot in store.

The site has helped Magnum widen their product offering online, meaning more customers arrive in store with a product on their phone asking where it is and how they can buy it.

It really is that neat.

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